Stained and Leaded Glass Services

frenchboro church window

Typical problems

  • Broken glass
  • Fatigued lead
  • Memorial plaques(church windows)

Private homes, institutions, churches, etc.

  • Stained, painted & leaded glass
  • Beveled glass
  • Custom light coverings and lamps


It depends on the problem. As you probably know, window panels are usually constructed laying flat on a table. When the windows are upright it can be a challenge, especially if soldering is necessary. The answer would be on a case-by-case basis.
Yes. We may need to adapt the design to make the panel structurally sound, depending on the size, location, etc. Allowances would also need to be made for color-matching with available glass.
We like to do as much as possible with photos and descriptions from a reliable contact. If it is determined that a job is something we are able to do, we can provide an estimate that will include travel.

I started working with glass in 1982, under the mentorship of the glass artists at Asylum Glass Studio. I cut lots of glass in the production of overlays for decorative mirrors and Tiffany-style lampshades. This production work developed my basic glass-working skills in cutting, foiling, leading, soldering and painting glass.

We also did repair and restorations of windows, which offered many learning opportunities. Seeing the structural problems that can develop over years of exposure to sun and gravity and best practices for supporting panels against these common problems, was most helpful. Also realizing that support needed to be considered in the designing stage helped me later in designing my own panels.

We created our first public art window for Solon Elementary School, Solon, ME, in 1984. I then went on my own and was fortunate to be awarded seven more Percent for Art projects from 1984 thru 1990. During this time I also did repair projects around the state, while continuing to design for private commissions.



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